Aside from the references already shared throughout the book we wanted to say a special thank you to a few folks.

A heartfelt thank you to Alice Gatland, Jae Huh, Farhat Jehan, Opelo Kebaitse, Kat Rodriguez, and Davina Png for also sharing their stories alongside ours.

Thanks to Lisa Quayle & Kevin Norris our Co-Heads of Engineering for sharing how to run a great intern program.

Thanks to Mark Patterson, our Principal Engineer who came up with the hardware recommendations mentioned in this book.

A huge shoutout to Greg Denton, founder of Matchstiq.io. Your mahi (work) has greatly helped to demystify the early-stage tech scene for so many people.

A huge shoutout and thank you to every course provider and funding provider listed in this book. You are making a huge impact to the industry and we appreciate you!

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Pathways is designed to help women, Māori, and Pasifika people into a paid software technology role in six months to a year - without needing a degree first.

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