Opelo's story

“Hi, I’m Opelo and I’m a Reporting Analyst at Joyous. I was born and raised in sunny Botswana and spent a considerable amount of my younger years in the UK. When I finished high school, I faced possibly the greatest existential crisis of my life. The prospect of having to choose a university course that could potentially impact the next 40+ years of my life seemed rather daunting.

I enjoyed chemistry and was interested in something practical and technical so decided to study Chemical Engineering. I knew it was a course that would equip me with invaluable skills that would allow me to branch out into various disciplines.

After university, I decided to go travelling around Southern Africa, Europe, Australia. Somewhere during my travels, I met someone that was working as a Data Analyst and was fascinated by what he told me about his work. I did some more research and decided that this was a field I would like to go into but at the time I wasn’t sure how to.

After a few years of travelling, I enrolled in a Business Management course to balance out the technical skills I’d learnt at university with more interpersonal and business skills. I chose to complete this course in New Zealand so I could still have the opportunity to explore the great outdoors and NZ was the perfect place to do so.

Shortly after my course, an opportunity came up to work for Joyous. I was excited because it was a great chance to get into tech and join a dynamic company that would allow me to learn new skills to progress in my career. Six months down the line, I couldn’t be happier to be part of an industry that provides constant learning opportunities, great work flexibility, and is at the forefront of innovation, diversity, and progress.”

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