Davina's story

“Howdy, I'm Davina and I started at Joyous as a Business Development Associate before moving into a Product role as a Product Specialist. Coming from a non-technical background, my journey into a career in tech has been anything but linear.

I am originally from WA, Australia. I studied Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations at university and aspired to be a management consultant.

I moved to Sydney in 2019 and worked full time in start-ups and technology co-working spaces while I finished my degree. After completing my degree in 2020, I did a brief stint in consulting. This was five days before the first COVID lockdown. By the end of a tough year, I left this job feeling disheartened and lost. I realised I didn’t feel the same excitement and passion that I had when working in start-ups.

Fortunately, I came across Joyous. Starting in Sales, allowed me to work with most of the teams within the business. I found that I naturally gravitated towards the Product team and was very lucky to given an opportunity to work with them.

What I enjoy the most about my Product role is working with customers to solve complex problems within their business. I also love working with the Joyous team to continuously improve the experience and functionality of our product.

Although I have hit a few roadblocks along the way and never ended up using my degree, I could not be happier with my journey so far and I'm excited about my future in the industry.”

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