The Joyous way of working

Joyfully helps product development teams create a streamlined organisational structure, form a product strategy, and deliver meaningful chunks of work.

If you are struggling to get aligned around building the right thing, and your current way of working doesn’t feel effective, then Joyfully provides a thought provoking alternative to Agile Scrum, Shape Up and other methodologies.

"We love the Joyous approach! We’ve adopted and adapted many aspects of their way of working and it’s already proven to be super valuable. By expanding my role from product designer to ‘full-stack product’ I now have a deeper understanding of our customers, product and the business, which has helped shape our product for the better."

Ruth Hocking, Senior Product Manager,

"Joyfully is a very thoughtful, creative approach to designing a product/engineering culture. Recommended reading for any small product/engineering team seeking to improve their development practice and culture. Whether or not the details of this methodology are right for you, Joyfully will inspire you to be more thoughtful and intentional in your own team practice."

Jeremy Ginsberg, CTO In Residence, Movac

The major parts of Joyfully

Joyfully is divided into three major parts:

• Strategy and alignment
• Relationships and team structure
• Our process for defining, designing and building features

Joyfully is not perfect, nor finished, but it is working well for us. Where we have ended up is quite different from other ways of working.

Our hope is that you might include parts of what we do as you shape your own way of working. We want more product teams to codify and share their ways of working. Not only will this benefit your own team, but others too.

Ruby Kolesky, and Kevin Norris

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