Strategy and alignment

Our Joyful Principles

These principles underpin how we work together at Joyous.

Partnerships over Silos

We have focused on building a strong partnership between product and engineering. One founded on kindness, honesty, empathy and trust. The notion of partnering is just as strong between individuals at Joyous.

Purpose-Driven over Idealism

Joyfully covers everything from strategic alignment through to how we deliver. We have total unambiguous clarity on what objectives are our priority. And, even more important, what objectives are not.

Broad Capabilities over Specialists

We all have a broad set of capabilities, and a compulsion to deliver excellent outcomes. We do whatever it takes, including our leaders. At Joyous leaders work alongside the rest of the team.

Sustainable Innovation over Continuous Sprints

While objectives come from the business, we have the freedom to do our jobs the way we know is best. We deliver large chunks of meaningful work in a way that feels good to be a part of - and doesn't exhaust us.

Collaboration over Ownership

We leave our egos at the door. We seek input early and often - and incorporate good ideas from others. This leads to better outcomes, faster. And allows us to make full use of each other's strengths to fill in the gaps.

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