About Joyous

Joyous is an open feedback solution for large agile enterprises. We are a venture funded software company - headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand.

Joyous is three years old. Our product and engineering team consists of around 20 people.

We believe employee feedback is a valuable (and finite) asset. One that is too valuable to waste on HR topics alone. So, we built a collaboration tool on steroids.

Joyous starts weekly conversations with employees - focused on specific topics. Organisations use Joyous to enable transformation, improve adoption of tools, or shift culture.

Because feedback in Joyous is open, team members can be a part of the solution. We are the antidote to the traditional anonymous survey.

Joyous is product led. Our product is a joy to use, achieves great outcomes, and leads the way for our organisation.

We are building our third major version of Joyous, a large project that touches every part of our product.

This version sets us up to succeed at scale within very large organisations.