Relationships and team structure

The Product & Engineering Partnership

Having a meaningful partnership between Product & Engineering is critically important.

We are open, honest, empathetic and vulnerable. We bring our perspectives and expertise to the table and we listen to each other.

"Our most important objective was to focus on building a partnership. It took six months to get to a point where it felt completely natural."

Everything we do, whether it is engineering or product oriented - we figure it out together. We invest time and care into the relationship.

For the most part we do not have separate meetings, product and engineering are usually catching up together. Our stand-ups are combined, and we do regular retrospectives together.

"Spending quality time together outside of the process is another way we remain close."

There is no topic that is off limits between product and engineering. From scope, to ways of working, to hiring, to tooling, to just about anything you can think of.

Product isn't there to browbeat engineering into delivering on tight deadlines. Instead product is there to support engineering to deliver the right scope of work - and vice versa. If an engineering challenge crops up then product helps. If a product challenge crops up, then engineering helps.

A strong bond and mutual trust between product and engineering teams is rare. Combine this with strong competency and a good product strategy - and you have a recipe for success.

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