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We are not yet done. In fact we are quite sure we never will be. For now we intend to keep going - using Joyfully as our way of working.

We will continue to be open, experiment and refine our way of working as we grow.

If you try to work Joyfully (whether completely or in part) then we would love to hear from you.

If you want to join our team, well - then we would love to hear from you too 😉

You can find us at

All the best,

Ruby, Kevin and the team at Joyous

👇 You can also download the book below - it's free!

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Joyfully provides a thought-provoking alternative to Agile Scrum, Shape Up and other methodologies. How Joyous builds software is clarified in short, easily digestible language.

You're one step closer to working more Joyfully. :)

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