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References and thanks

Shape-up by Basecamp - not sure we would have gotten to this point without first trying Shape-Up and keeping a few concepts from it. Thanks Ryan! by Google - for open sourcing their design approach and components so the rest of us don't have to keep reinventing the design wheel.

Figma - for making the most awesome design collaboration workspace out there.

Atomic Design by Brad Frost - for creating a simple methodology for interface design systems that our product and engineering folks could get aligned around.

Notion - for creating wiki software that made it ridiculously easy for us to design our processes and ways of working (and even write this book).

Play Contemporary Leadership CoLab - who taught Ruby the decision making framework we use in our mammoth meetings.

Thomas Otter - who mentioned the idea of a negative roadmap to Mike. Ruby thought he was crazy, googled it and found nothing. But turns out he was right. Having a negative roadmap is the single most important thing for a product organisation to have.

Lisa Quayle - our Head of Engineering, who is on parental leave at the time we write this book, and has played a significant role in forming our partnership and ways of working.

Chris Holdaway - one of our Product Managers who helped create and define our design system, and general ways of working continuously throughout our journey.

Aylon Hebert - who contributed to the Joy Map structure and process.

Mike Carden & Phil Carden - our founders. For starting us off with the best objective ever, and trusting us and to get things done. They continue to be fiercely supportive and contribute feedback and input often.


That's us at the time we wrote the book :)

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Joyfully provides a thought-provoking alternative to Agile Scrum, Shape Up and other methodologies. How Joyous builds software is clarified in short, easily digestible language.

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