Recruiting candidates

There is a big diversity imbalance throughout the tech industry particularly at the senior level. However, there is a lot of diversity at the junior level.

“Summer internships are a great opportunity to recruit people that aren’t well-represented in tech.”

This past year, we used the Summer of Tech Internship Programme to search for candidates. This programme offers a central place to look for talent and reduces the amount of admin required during recruiting.

You can also use traditional methods of recruiting such as:

  • Advertising on job boards: e.g. Student Job Search, TradeMe, Workable, & Seek. Job boards allow you to get a diverse pool of candidates but require a lot of admin and information tracking.
  • Posting on the company socials: e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, & Twitter. Socials may get you fewer applicants and again require a lot of admin and information tracking. However, they can be good for expanding your talent pool.

With whatever methods you try, the key is to cast a wide net so that you get a diverse pool of candidates to choose from. We recommend starting with a few recruiting avenues, seeing what the response is like, and then adding more avenues as needed.

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Pathways is designed to help women, Māori, and Pasifika people into a paid software technology role in six months to a year - without needing a degree first.

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