Farhat's story

“Hi, I’m Farhat Jehan and I’m a Data Scientist at Joyous. Working at a tech company was not something I planned for. I was just looking for a part-time job while I finished my PhD exams and applied for an Analyst role at Joyous. The rest is history!!

I got married at an early age - just two weeks after my final year exam in Information Systems. For seven years, I lived in the US and was a housewife. I spent most of my time cooking, cleaning, painting, and making dolls.

Things didn’t work out and I returned to Sri Lanka where I volunteered at an orphanage. After a year or so, I began a Masters in Information Management. During my Masters, I also taught Information Management. After a couple of years, I decided to do a PhD in New Zealand. My PhD was in mobile learning. It was about harnessing technology to improve the education system in Sri Lanka.

During my final exams, I started looking for jobs and applied for a Data Analyst role posted by Joyous. I started on a contract basis and within 4 months I was offered a full-time position. I couldn’t refuse as I loved everything about Joyous.

The best thing about Joyous is that they always encourage you to learn. I’ve learnt more here than I did during my PhD. My role has evolved from Data Analyst to Data Scientist in just two years. I owe a big thanks to the wonderful leaders here who truly believe in me. My role as a Data Scientist is challenging but I love it because every day I’m learning something new. I also have a great support system so whenever I’m stuck or lost, I know where and whom to go to”.

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