Customer Experience

Reduce repeat calls from airline customers to the contact center

The Approach

The airline’s Head of Customer Services, along with the leaders of the division used a Joyous campaign to talk to more than 500 contact center agents. Their goal: to understand and improve three key aspects of customer calls to the contact center.​

First, whether agents were able to resolve customer issues on the first call and ideas to improve issue resolution. Second, whether the airline was good at resolving customer issues on the first call, and what changes would help to do so. Third, whether the tools and systems provided what agents needed to resolve customer issues first time, and what changes to tools and systems would help.​

The Results


With an average score of 7 out of 10, 29% of agents felt confident resolving issues on the first call. The top actionable themes were to provide and make time for more structured training, and to ensure the Wiki was consistently updated with the latest processes and policies.


57% of agents rated the airline’s overall ability to resolve issues first time lower than 6 out of 10. The average score was 6. One of the top actionable themes was out of hours support, ensuring people who agents may require assistance from were available after 5pm and on weekends. Another was to understand customer needs, with more training on handling customer calls overall, and giving agents more authority to approve certain requests, particularly more junior agents.​


Tools & Systems
With the lowest score overall of 5 out of 10, the data suggests focusing on tools & systems as a priority. The prevalent actionable themes were to integrate systems - remove complexity across systems, and offer more self-service options online to customers, such as refunds.

The Impact

1hr per agent per day

Potential to handle 300k more customer calls per year​.