Service provider


Operational Excellence

Increase the effectiveness of new hire training to better prepare technicians for their role

The Approach

The executive responsible for Field Enablement at a telecommunications service provider used a Joyous campaign to talk to more than 1,500 technicians and managers. Their goal: to understand and improve three key aspects of their New Hire Training.

First, how could new hire training do a better job of preparing technicians for work in the field. Second, how to improve new hire training to enable technicians to provide better customer service in people’s homes. Third, how to improve training to ensure technicians’ expertise in newer technologies.

The Results


60% of techs felt unprepared for work in the field coming out of new hire training. The top actionable theme was that technicians wanted to spend less time in classrooms and more time training on real world field scenarios. Another theme was wanting more troubleshooting exercises as opposed to the “happy-path” training scenarios.


Half of the techs didn’t feel new hire training prepared them to serve customers in their homes. The top actionable theme was around increasing the opportunities to accompany senior technicians on jobs. Another top theme was to more clearly set expectations of the senior techs they were accompanying to get more exposure and additional real world customer experience.


New Services
The Joyous campaign results highlighted that 40% of techs didn’t feel like training prepared them to be experts in the technology associated with newer services. The top themes included updating the weighting of newer topics in training and to provide task-specific training on the newer services and the potential issues techs could encounter.

The Impact

2 weeks faster training

Reduced the time to productivity by two weeks, saving over $10m in technician time per year.