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Operational Excellence

Increase clarity around WiFi solutions for field technicians and customers

The Approach

Sr Lead Product Manager of Product Innovation  at a telecommunications company used a Joyous campaign to talk to 530 Field Technicians. Their goal: to understand and improve three key aspects of offered WiFi solutions.​

First, whether it was clear how to install WiFi solutions and what would make it clearer. Second, whether the WiFi survey made installations easier and what would make installations easier. Third, whether customers understood which solution was recommended and how to help customers better understand the recommended solution.​

The Results


The Joyous campaign results highlighted that 30% of Techs felt that it was clear how to install the WiFi solutions. The top actionable theme was to provide hands-on training with the app and a complete WiFi solution walk through. Another was to provide resources that contained installation instructions. For example, videos, notes, booklets, and guides.​


60% of Techs felt that the WiFi survey didn’t make installations easier. One of the top actionable themes was to address activation issues because Techs were currently having to make calls to activate the process. Other Techs suggested improving customer education particularly around app installation with many customers unaware that installing the app was a requirement.​


With the lowest score overall of 4, the most significant finding was that 80% of Techs felt that customers didn’t understand which WiFi solution was recommended. The prevalent actionable themes were to improve sales rep education and to provide product tutorials for customers.

The Impact

Improved training and process around WiFi solutions.

A detailed action plan outlining opportunities for additional education internally and externally. Additional training was identified for technicians for improved installations and activation troubleshooting. Leading to improved clarity for technicians and better experience for customers.