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Improve efficiency and effectiveness in how teams operate in construction

The Approach

Senior VP of Network operations, along with leaders in construction used a Joyous campaign to talk to 500 managers. Their goal: to understand and improve three key aspects of construction transformation. ​

First, if existing systems and processes support teams' productivity, and what changes to systems and processes would increase productivity. Second, if the engineering work order process is effective, and changes to improve. Third, if the new system improves managers ability to manage the construction workload, and what changes would make it easier to manage workload.

The Results


The Joyous campaign results highlighted that 94% of managers felt processes could be improved to increase productivity. The top actionable themes were to Increase collaboration across groups, improve dispatch process, and improve material ordering process.


Work Orders
Over 61% of managers rated the engineering work order process lower than 5 out of 10. One of the top actionable themes was to Implement a designated engineering review of all work orders, including onsite visits to the field instead of Google maps and confirming the work orders are ready to be worked. Another was to improve the quality of prints, ensuring all necessary information is provided for technicians to be able to complete the job. Managers suggested revisiting handoffs, so all details are provided timely. This would lead to the completion of all jobs and all necessary materials included each time.


Workload System
More than 74% of managers didn’t feel that the new system improved their ability to manage workload. The prevalent actionable themes were to make all jobs accessible- creating automation to have jobs flow to a single system and updating manager’s access- to streamline managers ability to move and assign work without relying on other departments.​

The Impact

5% Faster Projects

A total potential cost saving across $22B in construction expenditures at the organization​.