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Accelerate the volume of copper to fiber migrations by improving customer education

The Approach

AVP of Network Process and Quality at a multinational telecommunications organization used a Joyous campaign to talk to field technicians. The goal: to understand and improve three key aspects of copper to fiber migrations. ​

First, whether techs understood the benefits of migrating and how the organization could improve their explanation of the benefits.  Second, whether techs felt confident handling customer objections about migrating and what would make it easier to handle those objections. Third, whether techs had the resources needed to understand the benefits and whether additional resources were needed.​

The Results


The Joyous campaign results highlighted that 69% of technicians felt they understood the benefits of migrating to fiber. The top actionable theme was to educate customers on improved reliability and speeds during the sales call prior to the installation visit. As a result, the Sales team began highlighting the material and commercial benefits during the scheduling call such as their “No Pricing Change” initiative for customers paying for certain internet speeds.


Over 50% of technicians rated lower than 6/10. One of the top actionable themes was to reduce misinformation about the process & provide a full explanation of the install process during the sales call. A new video series has been developed educating the Sales and Care teams on the installation process and providing them with key details to provide customers prior to scheduling the migration service, resulting in a decrease from 17% to 10% cancellations.


45% of technicians felt they had the appropriate resources required to explain and perform fiber migrations on-site. The most prevalent actionable theme was to improve education for customers during the initial sales call to ensure full understanding of benefits and installation process. ​

The Impact

7% drop in fiber cancellations

Improved training for the sales team so they could educate the customer on the migration process and installation time. Resulting in better scheduling and fewer cancellations.