Flexible work

What is this benefit

You’re able to work fully flexibly between the home and office or co-working space.

The purpose of the flexible work benefit is to empower each individual to work the way they prefer. We trust you to make the right call when it comes to balancing individual preferences and collaboration with your crew.

This benefit is being introduced in July 2022. We will have quarterly retrospectives to fine-tune our ways of working, thereby ensuring that flexible work works well for all of us.

How this benefit supports you

You have flexibility each week in deciding which days to work from home or work from the office or co-working space. You also have flexibility in deciding which hours you would like to work. This means you can work in a way that best suits your lifestyle and personal needs, giving you more freedom to live your best life while also working.

How to access this benefit

If you work at Joyous, you can work flexibly.

How flexible work works

Where you can work from

  • You can decide which working days (Mon-Fri) you would like to work from home or from the office or co-working space.
  • Our home office benefit ensures that you have a good workspace at home.
  • Each person at Joyous will also have a great office space to work from.
  • You are able to work flexibly on a weekly basis.

Working hours

  • You can decide which hours you would like to work.
  • You are able to work your contracted hours on a flexible basis each day.
  • There may be times that we ask people to be available during specific hours for business continuity reasons, such as engineering support.

Working patterns

  • As per our Values, we trust each other.
  • There are no rules or policies in place to limit your flexibility.
  • We want to ensure we are excellent at collaborating while enabling individual flexibility, this is supported by our Ways of Working.

Support for co-working spaces

  • If you do not work near a Joyous office, you are welcome to work in a co-working space as often as you like.
  • The operations team (key contact Blair) will support you in finding and paying for a suitable co-working space.

Working while travelling

  • We are still considering our options when it comes to enabling people to work while travelling. For now, please talk to your supporting leader if you would like to work while travelling.

Coming together

  • Once a year, usually around February/March the entire company spends a week together in New Zealand.
  • Three times a year we spend time together on Joy Trips (day road trips), the timing of these is decided at the start of each year. If you work nearby others you are able to plan and go on a day trip together.
  • Once a week everyone is entitled to enjoy a lunch on Joyous. If you are working from home you may expense this, and it would be great if you hopped on a zoom call with someone else and hung out while doing so, although this is not required. If you are working from an office, someone will be rostered to co-ordinate the Friday lunch each week.