Create more impact with the most effective operational feedback approach

Used in over 40 countries by enterprise organizations to manage human conversations and fast decision making at scale.
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How Joyous works

Joyous campaigns are a quick and powerful way to accelerate impact

Run targeted campaigns

Run a campaign just in time to help decision makers identify the most impactful action items from the relevant part of the workforce.
  • Timely input from target workforce
  • Proven approach for actionable answers
  • Combat survey fatigue

Get people's ideas quickly

From the very first time, people can share their ideas about a topic that impacts them - in less than a minute.
  • Efficient use of workforces’ time
  • Reach even the most disconnected
  • No app, no login, familiar chat UX

We've started millions of conversations

reaching people from every channel

Have human conversations

The Joyous scaled-response approach means everyone gets to talk to a real person. It only takes one facilitator 15 minutes per day to interact with a campaign audience of 1,000 people.
  • Low effort to respond, high return
  • Build human relationships
  • Identify actionable phrases in real-time
  • Secure single-sign on

Joyous scaled responses

Use the best facilitators

If it is also the facilitator's job to take action, they are more motivated to participate and better informed to take action.

Spread conversations

Joyous spreads the conversation starters across the week - ensuring the response effort is balanced.

Use prompts to go fast

Pre-defined prompts are quick to select, combine, and customize. Responses take between 10-30 seconds.

Use more time-saving tools

Stay across conversations easily with powerful filtering, highlighting, and weekly summaries.

Joyous actionable insights

Make the best decisions using the best data

See top actionable themes

The actionable phrases highlighted in people’s comments are grouped into actionable themes and arranged by popularity.
  • Filter themes to any combination of popular attributes such as location, tenure, team, role type, or more
  • Quickly jump to associated conversations
  • See participation and average ratings at a glance

Prioritize your action plan

Deep dive into themes to see sub-themes, and easily prioritize action items from the related actionable phrases.
  • Quickly deep dive to get into the details
  • Reduce time to analysis to near zero
  • Make better decisions with confidence
  • Share insights quickly with downloadable reports