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Customer Experience

Reduce the number of customer queries due to bill confusion for telecom service provider

The Approach

Billing Operation Lead, along with the billing squad  at a Telecom service provider, used a Joyous campaign to talk to 1000 customer-facing employees. Their goal: to understand and improve three key aspects of bill confusion.​

First, whether the organisation does a good job of reducing bill confusion and what would make the biggest difference to reducing confusion. Second, whether customers understand their bills, and what about the billing process confuses them. Third, whether the tools & processes provide good information and what additional information would assist customers in understanding their bills.​

The Results


Bill Confusion
10% of employees felt the organization did a good job of reducing bill confusion. One of top actionable themes was to simplify the bill layout - this being the top overall theme from the campaign. Another was to simplify the terminology used thoughout the bill.​


With the lowest score overall of 5 out of 10, the data suggests focusing on simplifying bill charges. 70% of employees rated customers' ability to understand charges on their bill lower than 6 out of 10. The top actionable themes were to include GST in the billing details and to provide customers with more clarity on pro-rata billing - both of which were addressed immediately.​


60% of employees felt the tools and processes did not provide good information to prevent bill confusion. The prevalent actionable themes were to improve bill itemization and provide explanations of bill charges.​

The Impact

30m per champion per day

A total potential labour cost saving of approx $500K across SME and Consumer.​