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Operational Excellence

Improve the site integration process to optimize field engineer workflow

The Approach

A VP along with a team of responders from a satellite television provider used a Joyous campaign to talk to 250 Field Engineers. Their goal: to understand and improve three key aspects of their Site Integration process. ​

First, understanding the engineers experience of the site integration process and what can be improved upon. Second, determine what type of issues occur during site integrations and what can be done to mitigate those issues. Third, understand whether site integration steps are clear and whether any tools or training would help make the process clearer.

The Results


30% of engineers rated their experience of the site integration process lower than 6 out of 10. The top actionable themes were to provide remote access abilities, and ensure their Business Process Information is completed.


60% of field engineers often encountered issues when doing site integrations. One of the top actionable themes was to address fiber issues, including ensuring appropriate fiber and equipment are available at work sites. Another was to address power issues, this being the top overall theme across the entire campaign, with field engineers suggesting to provide commercial power at work sites to complete integrations.


30% of field engineers felt the site integration process was clear. The prevalent actionable themes were to provide training opportunities - such as training specific to source systems and vendors, and provide correct scripts - ensuring proper scripts and equipment are provided on site to maintain integration timelines.​

The Impact

30m per engineer per day

A total potential labour cost saving of approx $1.1m across the workforce.​