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Operational Excellence

Improve safety culture, practices and resources amongst field technicians

The Approach

Leaders at a telecommunications company used a Joyous campaign to talk to 675 Field Technicians. Their goal: to understand and improve three key aspects of safety.​

First, whether the organization supports a culture of safety and what would help to better support a culture of safety. Second, whether the organization provides resources for Technicians to be able to perform their jobs safely and to determine any additional resources needed. Third, whether safety practices were practical and efficient and any improvements needed safety practices.

The Results


30% of Technicians rated the support of safety culture lower than 6 out of 10. The top actionable themes were centered around training. Technicians requested more hands-on and classroom training as well as specific safety training such as CPR, first aid, confined space entry, and bucket safety.


The Joyous campaign results highlighted that 50% of Technicians felt they had the resources needed to perform their jobs safely. The top actionable theme was to provide quality safety equipment – this being the top overall theme across the entire campaign. In particular, replacing worn and defective equipment and providing basic tools such as gloves, multimeters, and insulated tools.​


40% of Technicians felt safety practices were practical and efficient. The prevalent actionable theme was to allow for more time to complete tasks safely. Another was to outfit vehicles with better safety features.

The Impact

Improved safety culture, practices and resources.