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Improve the new business strategy to better scale impact and deliver change

The Approach

The Director of Change & Implementation along with their project team at a Business Development Agency, used a Joyous campaign to talk to all 750 of their employees across 44 countries. Their goal: to understand and improve three key aspects of their new business strategy.​

First, whether the strategy definition and concept resonated with employees and where the organization should position itself on their Continuum. Second, whether draft principles for customer experience resonated with employees and what would make them better. Third, how well their performance measures demonstrated impact on customer growth and how else impact could be measured.

The Results


30% of employees provided a rating less than 6 out of 10 when asked how strongly they resonated with the strategy definition and concept. The top actionable theme was to adjust the concept - so that it focussed more on supporting businesses and incorporated more global context. ​


With an average score of 8, 40% of employees strongly resonated with the customer experience principles. One of the top actionable themes was to emphasize partnerships by making it clear to customers what they can expect from the organization and vice versa.


With the lowest score overall of 6 out of 10, 50% negative - the data suggests focussing on implementing new measures to demonstrate impact on customer growth. The prevalent actionable theme was to remove KPIs such as deals and IGOs as these were not reflecting many of the current works the organization were doing in the market.

The Impact

A comprehensive action plan that put the organization in a better position to scale impact and deliver change through their new business strategy.​