Uplift your leadership capability at scale using Radical Candor®

Joyous helps frontline leaders practice a better way to work by turning the theory of Radical Candor into every day habits.
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How does Joyous help

Help leaders turn the Radical Candor philosophy into regular kick-ass habits

Most leaders understand that operating with Radical Candor is a better way to lead - but while it’s a simple concept, it’s not always that simple in practice

Joyous supports leaders in large organizations to create high-performing teams through the regular practice of Radical Candor - a perfect compliment to the training programme or book - thereby ensuring a positive impact on team performance & engagement over the long-term.

In partnership with Radical Candor

Kim Scott

Author + Co-Founder of Radical Candor

Jason Rosoff

CEO + Co-Founder of Radical Candor

Boost leadership career skills

Empower leaders to build stronger relationships with their teams by showing they care personally while challenging directly.

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Improve team communication

Drive improved outcomes by understanding each team member’s personal growth plans, career goals, and individual perspectives.

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Increase performance & engagement

Give teams the information they need to succeed by building a culture of direct, constructive, clear, and kind feedback.

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What is Radical Candor

A compass for candid conversations

The highest performing teams value feedback and ensure it is frequent, candid, and flows up, down, and sideways.

Use Radical Candor to help guide your feedback to a better place by making sure your criticism and your praise are Kind, Clear, Specific and Sincere.

  • Get it

    Asking for feedback is the best way to create an environment of trust and psychological safety.

  • Give it

    Don’t let your discomfort stop you from sharing what’s working and what could be better.

  • Gauge it

    Pay attention to the other person’s reaction. Respond accordingly.

In-person and asynchronous feedback coaching courses can be booked through the Radical Candor website.

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How Joyous supports Radical Candor

Regular questions on Radical Candor

Reach the whole organization by using Joyous to run our framework of weekly questions. The framework cycles through the fundamental topics outlined in Radical Candor focused on one topic per week. Each question helps people reflect on how they can show up with Radical Candor. The result is faster and longer lasting behaviour change.

Have coaching conversations

Responses go to the experts in your organization who can offer on the spot coaching, encouragement and support. This helps reinforce positive behaviour and encourage the continuous practice of Radical Candor at scale.

See top actionable themes

The top actionable themes for each weekly conversation are surfaced in near-real time. Thereby surfacing trends across the organization and within particular cohorts. Your experts can use this weighted view of the most impactful actions to inform their plan and direct their energy to the parts of the organization that would benefit most.

Prioritise your Radical Candor plan

Our interactive drill-down gives context and detail on themes. This makes it easy to find the most effective specific actions to encourage Radically Candid behaviors in your organization.

Boost Leadership Career Skills

Uplift the collaborative capability of your leaders by empowering them to care personally while challenging directly.

  • Foster continuous improvement
  • Improve psychological safety
  • Develop future leaders internally

Improve Team Communication

Build high-functioning teams that communicate effectively, grow together, and collectively make high impact decisions that lead to positive outcomes.

Increase Performance & Engagement

Drive results collaboratively, while making people’s lives better at work.