Customer Experience

Co-deliver a step improvement to your customer experience

Joyous helps your customer facing leaders understand exactly what your frontline teams need to deliver better outcomes for customers.
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How does Joyous help?

Bridge the gap between your customer leaders and people on the frontline

Enterprise organizations are trying to deliver more value and support for customers faster. But frontline teams feel overwhelmed and out of the loop. Because the changes made by leaders don’t account enough for the everyday challenges experienced by customer facing teams.
For this reason most frontline teams face high rates of stress and turnover, negatively impacting customer experience - in a vicious cycle.

Joyous makes it easy for your customer leaders to understand exactly what frontline teams need to be more effective. This ensures that both the customer and frontline workforce experiences continuously improve.

Simplification of Tools

Understand what changes need to happen to create seamless, convenient interactions with your customers across all your frontline teams.

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Customer Experience

The frontline knows first-hand what customers are missing and struggling with - tap into their wisdom to increase brand loyalty and satisfaction.

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Onboarding & Retention

Speed up the effectiveness of new hires & retain the best people - both are crucial for the enterprise to provide a consistent customer experience.

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Simplification of Tools

Make the everyday tasks of the people on your frontlines simpler.

Serve more customers by reducing frontline friction

Make the experience of people on the frontlines easier by streamlining processes, increasing authority and increasing the availability of support.

Generate quick wins and fill in the gaps for the frontline

Make rapid improvements to your frontline experience by improving training programmes, identifying knowledge gaps and updating resources.

Customer Experience

Use the wisdom of your frontline to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Reduce customer frustration

Reduce customer frustration by shortening wait times and simplifying documentation and self-service options.

Improve product and service delivery

Your frontline hears from customers all day long. Empower them to bridge the gap between customers and your product and delivery teams.

  • Empower customers to self serve
  • Improve products and services
  • Deliver value faster

Onboarding & Retention

Grow the best frontline people and then retain them.

Boost training and reduce the time it takes to make new hires productive

Deliver value faster while also reducing labor costs by making new hires effective faster, improving on the job training and increasing individual support.

Reduce attrition by crowd-sourcing ways to make the job easier & more stimulating

Keep your best people for longer by increasing job variety, speeding up individual development and maximizing the use of their skills.