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The only constant is change: Transformation in the film industry



Pacific Strategic Consulting

Sometimes, transformation is as simple as understanding the technology disruptions that are going to occur, and anticipating how you can ride that curve.

Pacific Strategic Consulting

Episode notes

Vince Pizzica, a former executive at Technicolor, shares personal stories of navigating change and envisioning the future in the fast-evolving media landscape. Learn more about the inside history of Technicolor and its role in the industry, as well as the constant flux and disruption in the entertainment industry.

Discover how Vince's strategic thinking and innovative approaches helped navigate Technicolor through industry upheavals, and what he predicts for the intersection of AI, content creation, and audience engagement.



Vince has 30 years of versatile senior leadership experience spanning corporate development, operations and technology. His background includes recent success in strategy consulting as well as C-suite roles at multibillion-euro global corporation, Technicolor SA (formerly Thomson SA).

Key moments

00:00 Introduction and Background

01:20 Technicolor and the Media Industry

05:14 Vince's Career Journey

09:32 Transformation in the Media Industry

11:30 Constant Flux in the Entertainment Industry

17:47 Vision for the Future of Media

20:07 Historical Perspective on Media Industry Decline

22:17 Current Inflection Point in the Industry

24:54 Monetizing Content in the Digital Age

28:54 Impact of Actors' Strike on Content Production

30:47 Changing Consumer Behavior in the Entertainment Industry

32:37 The Role of AI in Content Production

35:40 Likeness Licensing and the Impact of AI on Content

38:38 Summary and Conclusion

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