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The Impact of Generative AI on Enterprises and the Workforce



Bell Labs, Nokia

Generative AI is not a portent of doom, it’s the portent of equality and equanimity that the world has been waiting for.

Bell Labs, Nokia

Episode notes

Marcus Weldon (13th President of Bell Labs, ex-Nokia) talks to Mike Carden about the impact of generative AI, the opportunities and challenges of LLM, how AI will augment human productivity, not replace it - and the potential of AI to lead to a more equitable world.



Former Corporate CTO of Alcatel-Lucent. 13th President of Bell Labs. Corporate Chief Technology Officer of Nokia. Global Telecoms Business Power 100 2014. Global Telecoms Business 50 CTOs to watch 2014. Awarded the New Jersey Medal for Science and Technology 2016.

Key moments

Introduction to Marcus Weldon. (0:27)

Marcus’s origin story. (1:44)

What does the president of Bell Labs do? (5:08)

The transition to an open market for innovation. (7:23)

The challenges of enterprises having similar tasks. (13:52)

The psychology of autonomous vehicles. (16:54)

The future of VC and innovation. (21:18)

Why you should jump on the bandwagon of Ai. (25:44)

Clustering. (32:08)

The opportunity to outperform in the current environment. (36:26)

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