Mike Carden, co-founder of Joyous hosts conversations with the world’s most interesting management thinkers.

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How to be Radically Candid - giving honest feedback with compassion



Radical Candor

Work and life are not in competition; work can add joy to life. Expressing our best selves in any situation, no matter the circumstances, is valuable.

Radical Candor

Episode notes

Kim Scott (Radical Candor) talks to Mike Carden about the importance of being honest and direct with compassion, the challenges of communicating across privilege and bias, and the role of work in creating joy and meaning in life.

Key moments

Introduction to Kim Scott. (0:47)

Managing a paediatric clinic in Kosovo. (1:35)

The management interest origin story. (6:55)

Starting your own company. (10:04)

The psychology of empathy and Radical Candor. (15:45)

The threat of the angry black woman stereotype. (20:50)

The importance of being mindful of your behavior. (26:04)

Measuring Radical Candor. (32:11)

How to make life great for your employees. (36:02)

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