Mike Carden, co-founder of Joyous hosts conversations with the world’s most interesting management thinkers.

This Episode

Empathy at Scale: how human connections drive success at work



We're in this together. On all sides, we're just people trying to make things work for our customers, for one another, and for the business.


Episode notes

Nate Edwards talks to Mike Carden about the importance of listening to frontline employees, the value of empathy, and the potential for AI to make employee idea sharing more proactive and predictive.



Nate is the EVP of Field Operations at Altice USA. He has over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, holding roles in field operations, service delivery, enterprise customer support, and transformation.

Key moments

  • Introduction to Nate Edwards. (0:05)
  • How did you get into the phone company? (2:19)
  • Using Joyous to improve employee engagement and operational efficiency. (7:12)
  • How to improve employee experience. (11:40)
  • Who is the real driver of change? (13:59)
  • The value of running a campaign. (18:19)
  • Predictive proactive recommendations on campaigns. (22:48)
  • Do you think having worked “up the pole” is your superpower? (26:36)

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