Commission Plan

What is this benefit

You’re eligible to participate in the Commission Plan when you start working as a permanent employee.

The purpose of the commission plan is to recognise the role all of our team play in enabling Joyous to meet our goals. We appreciate your hard work and we want you to share in its rewards. When Joyous wins, we all win.

How this benefit supports you

You receive a share of new Annualised Recurring Revenue (ARR) received by Joyous throughout the year.

How to access this benefit

Commission will be paid automatically twice a year, via payroll, subject to applicable local payroll and tax deductions. You don’t need to take any action.

How the commission plan works

Commission Pool 🎱

  • A commission pool of 15% of new ARR over the term of the Commission Plan is available for distribution amongst all Joyous employees, employed at the time of payment.
  • Where commission is also paid to a Partner Organisation, the commission pool will be adjusted by the amount of Partner Organisation commission payable.
  • The commission pool will be calculated in New Zealand dollars.
  • Please note: Your commission will be adjusted if the actual new ARR differs from this target - or if the people we hire differ from what’s been forecasted. Therefore, the share of the commission pool communicated to you is an indication only.

Cap 🧢

  • There is no cap on the commission pool.

Payment 💲

  • The Operations team will manage the Commission Plan calculations.
  • The commission pool will include all new ARR for the period where payment has been received from the Customer
  • Commission will be paid twice a year, at the end of Q3 and in December, through payroll, subject to applicable local payroll and tax deductions.